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Profitable, Environmentally Responsible Recycling of Printer Cartridges and Cell Phones

Laser Cartridges

We encourage you to only send laser cartridges that are on our recycling list. Please do not send previously manufactured or compatible empty laser cartridges. Also, do not send toner tanks. We will remanufacture the ones that are in demand and pay you for each listed laser on our recycling list. (List of cartridges accepted and the pay per cartridge are subject to change without notice.) There will be no payment for shipments where the percentage of non-qualifying items exceeds 50% of the total number of cartridges in the shipment. This is to help defray shipping and handling charges for items with no market value.  Please email us for our current recycling list and what we pay for each cartridge.

Laser Guidelines

  • Only send the lasers that are on our list.
  • Do not send remanufactured (non-virgin) cartridges.
  • Do not send toner tanks.